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This September, it’s time to know exactly where your people need you.


This September, it’s time to know exactly where your people need you.

Pulse Sunday is here in

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Sunday, September 12, 2021

Want to know how your people are doing in different areas of their lives?

Join church leaders across your city who are committing to sending the FREE ChurchPulse assessment out to their people.

With an assessment that takes less than 15 minutes to complete, find out how your people are doing in their faith, relationships, vocation, health, and finances. Why? So you can tailor your ministry strategy and maximize your capacity to change lives.

Keep reading to learn more about the ChurchPulse and Pulse Sunday.

You in? Fill out the form and someone will reach out to help you set up the ChurchPulse, send it out, and go over the results afterward.

How Pulse Sunday works:

  • CheckMark_RedFirst, show your commitment—join churches across your city who have already committed to take the ChurchPulse on 9/12. → Fill out the form to sign up
  • CheckMark_RedThen, someone will be in touch with you from the beginning to help you set it up, share it, and then review the results. → We’ll make it easy, every step of the way
  • CheckMark_RedSend the ChurchPulse to your congregation on September 12 and find out what your people need from you now. → See how your people are flourishing in a personalized dashboard

Fill out the form to commit to Pulse Sunday now! It’s FREE!


Eric Parks, Executive Pastor

It's hard to truly know where people are at in their lives. The Barna ChurchPulse allows pastors like me to get a better idea of where my people are at so I can tailor my ministry strategy, provide the programs they need, and train my staff to be even better equipped to be the Church where it's needed most.

Here's what you'll be able to do with your ChurchPulse results


Know how your people are doing and compare

Get a personalized report of your congregation's well-being and needs right now.


Nurture discipleship & spiritual growth

Identify where your people are on a spectrum of spiritual growth, discover shared strengths and opportunities, train your team, and know what to do next.


Visualize your impact over time

You can deploy the Barna ChurchPulse as often as you want. See your impact over time so you can see clearly, engage effectively, and lead confidently.

Why use the ChurchPulse assessment?

You got into ministry to make an impact on people’s lives. The ChurchPulse, based on groundbreaking research from the Human Flourishing Program at Harvard University, gives you a glance into how your people are doing in their faith, relationships, health, vocation, and finances. 

The ChurchPulse is the one assessment designed to put leaders like you in the best spot to impact lives in your community.

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As Featured in Christianity Today

December 2, 2020

Does Your Congregation Need a Pulse Check?

Read more about how the assessment works →
CT article: Does your congregation need a pulse check?


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